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Terms and Conditions




TERMS:  An authorized signature  and/or a Purchase Order is required to execute the Work Agreement.  The Purchase Order issued by the Principal or Owner shall incorporate by reference this Work Agreement and all attachments without exception.


Final invoice due Net 30.


PRICE:  The price stated above for this project is based upon the complete system being purchased and installed at one time.  In the event the Customer selects to purchase less than the total project, delays purchase of any portion of the system, requires that the system be installed in phases, or delays the installation, Lantek reserves the right to charge for additional labor, travel, and overhead.  The price is valid for 60 days from the date of this proposal.


TAXES:   Taxes are the responsibility of the client.  When invoiced, Lantek Communications will include taxes unless we are provided a Tax Exception Form or is a listed Government agency.






Lantek AVC must receive the signed contract, and a Purchase Order or down payment prior to the contract being initiated by Lantek.  Without the signed contract, purchase order or down payment being received by Lantek, no work on the contract will begin, including the purchase of equipment and scheduling the work crews for installation.



CHANGES:  Any Customer Change Orders (CCO) must be approved in writing by the customer prior to execution by Lantek and are subject to the credit terms of this agreement.  





In addition to the installation, Lantek will create system drawings, purchase the equipment, assemble the equipment in our staging lab, program the control software as required and do in-shop testing.  This work will take approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the beginning of actual installation at your facility.


Lantek schedules its work force weeks in advance in order to meet the installation completion dates of all of its customers.  As a consequence, it is vital that the Customer notify your Lantek Project Manager in the event there is a change in the schedule or the Customer's other contractors fall behind in completing their portion of the work.  If these delays cause labor overages for Lantek, the customer is responsible to pay for those labor overages in addition to the proposed total.


Lantek business houses are Monday – Friday from 7am to 5pm.   If during the installation the client requests installation to occur after business hours or weekends, Lantek will charge for the overtime labor in addition to the quoted labor unless included in the scope of work and quote.






All work completed by Lantek AVC will meet or exceed the following standards published by the American National Standards Institute and the National Electrical Code:


American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)


InfoComm International (CTS)


A full time project manager will be responsible for this project and will attend all meetings associated with this project.


Lantek AVC will provide appropriate Project Management to insure a successful installation. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inspections will be performed during the project and after the installation is complete. 


Lantek AVC adopts a dynamic, innovative and participative approach to its coordinating multiple tasks with different members of an organization.  Our staff is supported in the field by extensive management systems, technology and resources.  This represents a commitment to quality services and successful outcomes.


Included with the purchase of the system, Lantek provides an 1 year service warranty.   This warranty only covers equipment that Lantek provides and installs.



During the first year: Included

In the event of equipment failure during the first year, a Lantek service technician will arrive onsite within 48 hours of receiving the service call and diagnose the issue and remove or repair the broken equipment.   The broken equipment will be shipped back to the manufacturer and there it will be repaired or replaced based upon the manufacturer covered warranty.   If the equipment is outside of the warranty period, Lantek shall request a quote from the manufacturer for the repair and then communicate that quote to the client before further action is taken. Lantek shall make every reasonable effort to configure the system to work without the broken piece of equipment including but not limited to using available loaner equipment, patch cables and any other reasonable means to satisfy the clients’ requirements.

Service Technicians hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday -Friday.  After hours and weekends are available on a case by case basis and will incur addtional charges.


Materials or equipment provided by the Customer/Owner (OFE), if any, to be included within the work, will be done with no warranty or guarantee by Lantek AVC.  Use of OFE is solely for the convenience and benefit of the Customer.


Lantek AVC will take reasonable care in handling OFE and will install it according to standard industry practices.  Lantek AVC takes no responsibility for the operation, performance, appearance, or effects of OFE before, during, or after its integration into the system


Lantek reservse the right to asses additional fees  for integration of unexpected OFE equipment.  If we find the OFE equipment unsuitable for the installation, Lantek will reject it.   If while installation agreed upon OFE equipment and Lantek find that equipment faulty or non operational, Lantek may charge additional labor hours associated with handeling.

The Customer is responsible for installation and registration of all software on OFE computers.  Lantek AVC will provide the customer with system requirements for Lantek AVC provided software, but the Customer is responsible for installing it on the OFE PCs and/or OFE Network. 

All software-related customer support shall be directly provided by the software manufacturer.

Configuration of the Owners Network is the responsibility of the customer.    If active network configurations are required for the operation of the system, these systems must be in place before installation. 





Lantek AVC agrees to conduct a training session at the completion of installation. All system operators or interested parties should attend this training so that all questions can be answered during this period.


Lantek Communications personnel will assist and supervise Customer personnel in a run-through to acquaint them with "hands on" operation of equipment.






This proposal is based on a visual inspection of the installation site.  It is agreed that some buildings may have existing design and/or construction that is not visibly recognizable and is outside of normal standard and customary building procedures. If the walls, floors or ceiling are found to be constructed in a manner that wire cannot be pulled or equipment cannot be mounted or otherwise installed without labor or materials in excess of those anticipated by both parties and proposed herein, the customer agrees to be responsible for any adjustments in the labor and materials required to perform the installation.   If additional labor or materials are required, Lantek will communicate this with your designated onsite representative, provide this representative with a change order quote, and wait for further instructions on how to proceed.



The Customer will provide a representative available throughout the installation to make decisions on behalf of the Customer concerning the installation. We would like to assure that communication between the Customer and Lantek Communications is accurate and responsive in the event of questions or problems that may arise during installation.


The Customer will have a clear facility during the installation. Lantek Communications will work with the Customer to schedule the installation. Hours or days of work lost by the installation crew due to the inability to work as planned will be charged to the Customer based on the extra labor and expenses required.


The Customer will provide a location that is prepared for the installation of electronic equipment.  This includes a clean, dust free and air conditioned environment that is secure.  The customer is responsible for providing a secure job site and for the cost of loss or damage to audio, video, and lighting equipment delivered by Lantek Communications to the job site.


Lantek AVC is not licensed for and does not perform any AC electrical, carpentry, painting, masonry, or carpet laying work.   In some cases, when replacing existing speakers, projectors, etc. new ceiling tiles are required and must be provided by The Customer at their expense.

In the event that AC electrical power is required to be installed or conduit systems are required to support the audio/video systems, it is the responsibility of the Customer, at their expense, to provide complete and adequate electrical power.




The onsite appointed contact will be notified by Lantek AVC upon completion of the installation.


A demonstration of the system performance will be conducted between Lantek and the appointed contact.


Participants at the performance demonstration shall include personnel representing Lantek AVC and personnel representing the customer who are authorized to accept the system as complete and make final payment.


The onsite appointed contact will be asked to sign a “Customer Sign Off” form to document that the installation is complete.  A copy of this form will be sent along with the Final Invoice.

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