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Project Manager

Role Overview

The Project Manager will be responsible for the end-to-end management of multiple simultaneous assigned projects, maintaining schedule and budget, and exceeding client expectations. The holder of this critical role is the first point of client contact beginning from date of contract and ending at job completion and signoff.  

Principal Responsibilities

  • Review SOW (Scope of Work) and contract documents. Communicate with the sales/design team to thoroughly understand client expectations.

  • Establish communication with the client teams. Introduce yourself as their point of contact.

  • Schedule project kickoff meetings between the sales/design teams, Engineering/CAD teams, installation teams, system programmers and purchasing.

  • Collaborate with the Engineering teams on timely completion of required drawings.

  • Complete submittal packages for client teams inclusive of project drawings, equipment cut sheets, programming GUI samples and product samples and other forms of documentation as required by contract, best practices, and good judgement. Follow through until signoff.

  • Collaborate with Director of Operations and the Purchasing team to acquire all materials as required for successful completion of projects.

  • Collaborate with Director of Operations on required team size, installation timeline, labor plan, programming/commissioning plan, training plan and schedule the requisite resources.

  • Oversee the installation

  • Oversee all programming and commissioning.

  • In collaboration with the systems programmer, provide end user training.

  • Obtain job completion, project training, and start of warranty signoffs.

  • Coordinate with Engineering/CAD teams and collaboratively prepare a job closeout package, inclusive of as-built drawings, equipment manuals, training materials and other documentation that may be required.

Required Skill Sets

  • Strong knowledge of and experience with complex AV systems.

  • Understanding of best practices for safety. Knowledge of OSHA rules and guidelines.

  • Ability to manage multiple high value projects simultaneously.

  • Demonstrably a strong communicator.

  • Ability to mediate and resolve conflicts.

  • Ability to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Education and Experience

  • Minimum 5 years AV experience required.

  • Formal education in Electronics or related field is preferred.

  • Demonstrated leadership experience.

  • Valid driver’s license is required.

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